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About Me & My Work

I have spent my life observing ordinary beauties in daily life.
I appreciate nature, water, birds, people, and solitude.

To me a piece is elegant if it simple and functional.

I like the look and feel of porcelain, but I am careful not to create anything too delicate or unapproachable for daily use.
Sophisticated pieces are charming, both beautiful and handsome at the same time.
That matters to me.

Seeing the aesthetic value of a piece and noticing how it feels in your hands is the true test of admiration.

Most of my work is wheel-thrown, but some is hand-built. I like the freedom to swap between the two techniques. The clay and I agree to compromise along the way which creates continuous growth in the work I create.

I am forever finding meaning in my work through the peace it offers me and the lightness it provokes in others.

Being a potter feels extra-ordinary to me. ~becca

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