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Everyday Bowl


Shop Soul Sister Studio.
Functional pottery made for everyday use.
Dishwasher and microwave safe.
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Everyday Bowl


Everyday Bowl


A white everyday bowl is my favorite.
The bowls in stock vary in size.
Please hand-pick the one(s) you like best.
The average size of each bowl is approximately 6” in diameter and 3” tall.
The bowls are made from three different types of clay such as white porcelain, white stoneware, and speckled stoneware.
They all have the same white glaze and well tooled bottoms.
The speckled clay bowls have a classy rustic aesthetic.
The white porcelain and white stoneware bowls have a sophisticated, but laid back style to them.

I like to mix and match my personal set of bowls.
They are all a shade of white, but the type of clay makes the white glaze look different, making it a white-on-white-on-white collection.
I adore how my soup and salads show off in my white bowls.
No joke, it feels celebratory each time that I use them and I use them every day and all day.

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