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My Month in Maine



My Month in Maine

Becca Watz

Haystack Mountain School of Crafts.  Deer Isle, Maine.
I arrived. Ready. Open. Willing. ~I met a tribe of clay lovers from around the world. Things got messy. Clay is very messy. I sat at the potter's wheel and could not throw anything worth keeping. It was my first time using porcelain. It was fussy, finicky, and wonderful.
I met some of the most interesting people and terrific ceramic artists at Haystack. Chris Staley was our professor for two weeks. Chris provided demos and discussion that I will not be able to forget. And, the students added to the lessons. We all left camp welled-up with sincere emotions toward finding meaning in our work and much more.
I dried out my recycled clay and shipped it home hoping to try porcelain again. It was a mess when it arrived; clay dust everywhere. What was I thinking?
I stayed in deer Isle a couple weeks longer to hike the area with my husband.  It was such a memorable month in Maine. Each time I visit, I find another reason to fall in love again.