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A love affair



A love affair

Becca Watz

The day I fell in love with clay.
The truth is that I did not fall in love with clay the first time that I used it.
Nor, the second, third, or fourth time using it. The first time I touched clay was in high school.
Very briefly.
I cannot recall the year I discovered clay as an adult. I think it was around 2011.
In high school we had one week to make something in clay. I made a solid clay heart and gave it to my boyfriend.
I was in love!
I still have the heart and the boyfriend is now my husband.
The heart sets out and I see it everyday. 
It has taken me a while to get to this place with clay and art. I had a career in computers while raising my children. My children are now adults, and I have more free time. I teach at a studio downtown and spend the rest of my time in my own private studio. It truly is a love affair in every regard!