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Soul Food



Soul Food

Becca Watz

Everybody has their own version of soul food. I have mine. I like my coffee dark and strong. I like my soups spicy hot and my tea deep and dark. I love greens of any kind and my go to is anything crunchy and salty. I also love ginger which is good in my case as it has many, many benefits for what ails me. I am not crazy about sweets, but I do think they all look beautiful when presented the right way. My mother and sister-in-law are expert dessert artists.

To get to the point. I have back pain. I was dealt that hand when I was a young teen. I have herniated discs in the top and bottom of my back and I have learned how to live with the pain and avoid certain motions that make things worse. I was a runner for many years and loved it, but had to give it up due to pinched nerve stuff and piriformis issues. These are not bright, fun things to talk about, but they are my reality and pain is something we can all relate to on many levels.

I no longer run, however, I do stay active. I walk, hike, spin, and yoga stretch daily. Some days are better than others. Most days are doable and that is all that I am asking for. Being a potter is physical and I sometimes need to take breaks. Which, I really hate doing because I am short on time of things I want to make.

To be honest, I make a fine soup and tea to remedy some of this pain. I drink and eat it almost daily to keep the inflammation down. I make a mean ginger lemon tumeric cayenne soup and tea. I drink the tea cold in the summer and hot in the winter. These mixtures are not for the weak-hearted. My friends tell me it is zesty. Which means they cannot handle it. But, it works for me. Let me know if you are interested in the recipes. They change weekly depending on my needs. ~Pain sucks, but food and activity can make things better.